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Our Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef has been crowned the best grass-fed steak and the best ribeye steak in the world.

Our ribeye has unprecedented levels of tenderness, and our steak has a robust, zesty, and creamy flavour. All testament to our farmers clever vision and the best of what nature can offer.


Our world-class natural farming practices, rigorous selection criteria, craft butchery and ageing process combine to create a consistently higher standard of meat taste, texture and succulence — it’s what we call Handpicked.


Pure South Handpicked isn’t an indulgence, rather it’s the end result of traditional and timeless processes. It's a testament to our farmers clever vision, constant commitment to simplicity, respect for the good things and an unwavering commitment to leave their land in a better state for future generations.  


Pure South Handpicked celebrates meat worth eating and we want your plate to feel like our place — what we like to call “somewhereness”. Our carefully worked farms, rain fed forage and a four seasons in one day climate encapsulates our somewhereness. You can’t manufacture somewhereness somewhere else — when you taste our meat, you’ll know why.

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Pure South Handpicked Lamb