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A new culture of crafted meat. Driven by passion, dedication, and the search for an all-embracing quality. Our award winning Pure South Handpicked Beef range represents a new culture of crafted meat, from farm to table.


We hand pick a selection of dedicated farmers who put the utmost care into raising Pure South Handpicked Beef and Lamb. Their rigorous standard of environmental care, combined with low‑stress farming methods, produce exceptional quality red meat. All Handpicked Beef and Lamb is free farmed and grass fed— never feedlot, grain or corn fed.


Our master graders grade the meat against key factors such as marbling, colour and pH level, to select only the best of the best. With this system we deliver consistently excellent tenderness, succulence and flavour profile.


Our craft butchers will then age each cut for 10–55 days to develop and lock in the full flavour and tenderness. Through expert ageing and butchering, we enhancing the taste and ease of cooking for a perfect meal every time.

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Handpicked Lamb