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The exquisite flavours of merino have, until now, been a well-kept secret held by the guardians of the land on which merino graze. The open spaces, golden tussock-covered slopes and pure air of the merino’s alpine home produce a rare delicacy that is the definition of taste elevated.


An experience that connects you to the space, stillness and silence of New Zealand’s alpine regions. Merino are characteristically lean and mature slowly, allowing aspects of the high country to naturally influence the flavour of Silere. Silere is well-marbled, succulent, and offers distinctive layers of well developed flavours with subtle fragrant alpine notes and a clean finish on the palate.


The wonder of Silere alpine origin merino comes from its connection to its source. From the alpine environment where merino roams freely, foraging on native herbs and grasses, such as golden tussock and wild mountain thyme.


Merino roams freely in alpine meadows, foraging on native grasses and herbs such as golden tussock and wild mountain thyme. They live their lives in harmony with the seasons, maturing slowly, naturally developing their characteristic leanness and the distinctive flavour that comes from their free grazing.