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Pure South HANDPICKED 55 Day Aged Beef

HANDPICKED beef is the celebration of two quality pursuits—marbling and ageing; HANDPICKED excels in them both, boasting new levels of quality, tenderness & flavour.

Hand-selecting the very finest marbled beef was not enough; we chose to elevate its flavour, tenderness and succulence profile with extreme ageing—no less than 55 days.

Our highly experienced, arguably obsessive Master Butchers search for only the very  finest carcasses; only the smallest portion make the grade.

Furthermore HANDPICKED is purposely breed agnostic; that is we refuse to be swayed by the perceived attributes of a breed; indeed experts will tell you there is more variation within a single herd. We instead select on the ACTUAL attributes of the carcass. That’s important.

You can have absolute confidence in the consistency, quality and popular taste profile of this extremely limited production, super premium product.