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Lamb Selection Box - Large

Lamb Selection Box - Large


A large sized box which provides an excellent opportunity to try the export quality of Pure South, the well developed flavours of Silere and the 21 day aged, Omega-3 rich Te Mana.

With a selection of cuts that can cater for slow cooking, roasting, pan frying or grilling, each box contains the following items (with indicative weights);

2 x Pure South Frenched Racks (1.30kgs)

2 x Silere Cap On Rumps (0.55kgs)

1 x Silere Boneless Shoulder, Rolled & Netted (1.25kgs)

1 x Silere Whole Leg (2.25kgs)

1 x Te Mana Boneless Leg (1.30kgs)

Indicative weight range for this box is 6.0-7.0kgs

State: Frozen